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Recurring Character on Season 21 of Pokémon

Well, it's just about the best day ever on Ula'ula Island for me because I am so unbelievably honored and excited to have made my debut on Pokémon Sun and Moon The Series as "Acerola"!

Thank you Lisa Ortiz, Andy Roth, Jen Sukup, to everyone at DuArt, Pokémon, to my parents, the fans of the show, and everyone involved for being a part of this lifelong dream of mine. AHHHH!!!!!!!!!

There's lots more of Acerola to come, but check out this clip from my first episode (Episode 29: Why Not Give Me a Z-Ring Sometime?) that premiered this morning on Disney XD or you can catch the full episode here:…/episode-29-why-not-gi…/vdka5536822

Hope you'll all love Acerola as much as I do <3

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